Panic Storm

Panic Storm

The calm before the storm……

A word, a phrase, a touch, or even a look can set off the twister within her. She whispers to herself….”breathe in and inhale all of the positivity around you”. “Breathe out and exhale all of the negativity within you”. She does this a few times but something has her unsettled. She even tries closing her eyes and drifting off to her “relaxing place” but to no avail! It’s inevitable, the storm is near.

All these thoughts and emotions simmer in her head. Her heart is racing from the anticipation and fear of the unknown. On one hand she is confident, standing tall, and ready for whatever comes her way but on the other hand she is nervous, palms sweating, and unsure. Unsure, not only of her surroundings but also of who she is in this moment. What joy it would be to have life all figured out, but she is well aware that finding herself means mental and emotional torture. It means to knock down barriers she didn’t even know existed.

In this moment, she finds her strength in that same feeling of trepidation that stirred her up in the beginning. She realizes that she has overwhelmed herself with the good and the bad all at once. She hadn’t given herself a fair chance in the fight and was looking to redeem herself. As she stood there quietly, she apologized to herself, mind, body and soul. As she stepped into the beauty and warmth of the sun, she smiled and whispered, “simmer down child, no matter what, you are loved”.

This blog post is in response to The Daily Post prompt simmer.


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